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Bearcats recruiting from local diamonds

The Bearcats baseball team's season begins with some familiar faces making their debut. U-E's CJ Krowiak and Joey Orlando join Vestal's Nick Wegmann as BU freshman providing some extra local buzz around the program.

"I'm hoping that we'll see a lot more local fans come around," said Senior Captain, Pitcher Greg Ostner. "We have some good local fans that support us anyway, but I think little extra buzz will be cool. All three guys have shown that they can play on this team and I think they'll all get decent playing time as freshman and be a good core for the future."

"If a young man tells us he wants to go away to school, I can't argue with that," said Tim Sinicki, entering his 23rd year as BU Head Coach. "It's a personal preference and a choice they make, but anytime we can keep the local kids and generate some community interest in our program I think it's exciting for the program and exciting for the people to follow."