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Students Recruit Blood Donors for Red Cross

Students at the George F. Johnson Elementary School in Endicott had the chance to play hero today.

The winter weather can make it difficult for the Red Cross to reach their goals of collecting blood.

The students at George F. Johnson are too young to donate but hope to be donors when they turn 16. They went into action and recruited people they knew that were old enough to give blood and help save lives.

"I learned that giving blood is very good because it can save three people's lives," said Joseph Breen, a 3rd grader.

"And they've gotten people to show up here and it's great, it makes me proud of them and it teaches them at a young age how important it is when they're old enough to donate blood. So they are real heroes today," said Theresa Blank, Account Manager for the American Red Cross.

Organizers say they had over 50 people donate at today's drive.