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School Officials Attend a Safety Summit

A recent study ranks New York State 4th in the nation in school threats.

On Thursday the President of National School Safety and Security Services, Ken Trump, spoke with school officials about how to better evaluate and address these violent threats. According to Trump, schools should have protocol to assess the reliability of threats and prevent premature evacuation.
During Thursday's summit Trump had an important message for parents as well.

Ken Trump says, "As a parent you think that if there's a bomb threat or a shooting threat the best thing is to get your kids out. In reality they maybe safer staying down under heightened security in the schools because you don't know what you're evacuating them into. When you take kids out of a school it's harder to supervise and you don't know what's on the outside that could cause them harm."

This was the first in a series of summits hosted by Senator Libous and Broome-Tioga Boces.
The next summit, which will focus on communication with parents during a crisis, is scheduled for March 10th at 6 p-m.