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Lawyers for IBM, Endicott Plaintiffs Settle

By Jason Weinstein.
Endicott's Mayor is calling it closure - attorneys for IBM and about 1,000 plaintiffs suing the company for pollution came to a settlement agreement.

Endicott residents filed a lawsuit in 2008 claiming their health and property were damaged due to pollution from a plume of trichloroethlene, or TCE, in the area near the IBM plant.

According to a joint statement from the company and plantiffs' attorneys the agreement settles claims for alleged injuries relating to conditions at IBM's former manufacturing facility. Plaintiffs' attorneys will address the settlement with their clients over the coming weeks. The parties entered into discussions in July 2014 following a request by Supreme Court Justice Ferris Lebous

"As Mayor I'm happy that we've reached this point. I'm happy that IBM has recognized that it's time. It's time for them to move on, it's time for us to move on in terms of this particular situation," said John Bertoni, Mayor of Endicott (D).

According to Bertoni this settlement is separate from IBM's cleanup efforts in the village. Bertoni is confident the company will continue it's clean-up efforts until they are complete.