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Hugh Grant Visits Binghamton University

Hollywood comes to Binghamton!

Hugh grant, leading star in film The Rewrite came to greet fans after filming right on BU's campus.

According to IMDB the film is categorized as a romantic comedy where an oscar-winning writer in a slump leaves Hollywood to teach screen writing at a college on the east coast, where he falls for a single mom -- taking classes there.

Director Marc Lawrence hosted Q&A at BU today after the movie's premier in the campus' Anderson center.
the leading star says filming in the southern tier was quite the experience.

Actor Hugh Grant said, "Marc had talked it up a lot because he is very keen on his university and I found it incredibly charming and fascinating the time I was here, but it was not long enough."

Douglass Harrington, student, said, "That's one of the best parts of this movie. Marc Lawrence loved Binghamton so it's a nice little love letter back to the university that gave him so much."

More than 1,200 people showed up to view the film. The Rewrite will be released in theaters Friday.