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'Campus Pursuit' Creators Share Business Knowledge

The two Binghamton University students who created the "Campus Pursuit" app discussed their journey with a class of aspiring entrepreneurs at SUNY Broome.

Scott Wisotsky and Shachar Avraham launched the interactive campus treasure hunt app last January as a marketing method for businesses.

The app is now on 5 campuses in the state and has thousands of downloads.

Thursday the two shared their business model with the class and told students that you're never too young or too old to start a new business venture.

"Just go for it. If it's in your gut to do it if it's in your soul to do it just do it. Nothing to lose," says Scott Wisotsky.

"It's also very cool to get the opportunity to speak with more students. What I would tell them is don't give up on your dreams," says Shachar Avraham

Both young men hope to continue expanding the "Campus Pursuit" app to colleges across the nation and want to continue encouraging students to pursue their business goals.