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Local Students Learn About Space From Real Astronauts

Some local students got a chance Thursday to learn about space from those who have been there.

At Glenwood Elementary School students grades kindergarten through fifth grade gathered in the cafeteria to Skype in to NASA's Doug Hurley and Karen Nyberg.

The students asked a variety of questions which included what the astronauts ate, how they slept, the effects of zero gravity, and what they did while they were there?

4th grader Lucas Catarella said, "I learned a lot about space, and it's really interesting to me because I didn't know lots of this stuff before I did this."

Hurley is a graduate of Owego Free Aacademy and piloted a space shuttle mission back in 2009.

He is married to Nyberg who became the 50th woman in space back in 2008 and has been to the International Space Station.