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Rotary Club: CEO Official Presents Skills Needed for Entry Level Jobs

What kind of skills do unemployed individuals with recent criminal convictions need to get back on track?

That was the topic of this afternoon's presentation at the Rotary Club. Katie Blaine, who's a manager at the Center for Employment Opportunities talked about the soft skills that these individuals need to obtain entry level jobs-- things like cooperating with supervisors, putting forth effort, being on time, and personal presentation.

CEO provides employment services for unemployed individuals with recent criminal convictions.

According to the CEO, 89% of people who violate parole are unemployed at the time of the violation.

"Many times they return to the same neighborhood that they left, it's very easy to fall back into old habits. So what we want to do is show our participants that there is another way you can be a productive member of society through work," said Katie Blaine, Participant Services Manager for CEO.

Blaine also says that the unemployment rate for individuals returning from prison is 56% and that they face many challenges.