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Lourdes Commemorates Black History Month

Lourdes Hospital is recognizing Black History month.

An associate from the hospital's operating room has of more than 50 exhibits of different moments and people contributing to Black History.

Associate Bonita Tarrant says she starts on her displays a whole year in advance and she's been posting her displays in different locations for the past 10 years.

On some of the posters you can find African American leaders, anyone from the Tuskeegee Airman, to Rosa Parks to Maya Angelou.

Associate Bonita Tarrant said, "I want to keep the dream alive, I want to keep Black History. I want more people to be interested in learning about what we are doing and what we have done."

The display has been set-up at Lourdes Hospital for the past four years.
Tarrant hopes to add even more displays highlighting Black History next February.