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Deja Vu for Local Travelers on Sick Cruise Ship

By Fox 40 Staff.
It's deja vu for dozens of local travelers who once again find themselves on a cruise ship having to come home early thanks to the norovirus.

41 people left last month from Endicott to go on the Royal Carribean Grandeur of the Seas, which was scheduled to sail from January 24th until February 3rd.

However the ship is docking one day early. According to the Centers for Disease Control 187 of the over 2,700 passenger and crew came down with the norovirus. The most common symptoms were diarrhea and vomiting.

"It was on Day two of our cruise that some of the people started getting sick and we understood that they had the norovirus on the previous cruise," said Endwell resident James Greene.

The ship docked in Baltimore Monday afternoon. The local passengers will take a bus back Monday night to Endicott.