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Binghamton University Gets a Taste of Hollywood

Binghamton University will be getting a little taste of Hollywood next month, when it hosts a special screening and panel discussion with Hugh Grant.

The movie "the rewrite" is directed by BU alumnus Marc Lawrence and starring Hugh Grant will be shown February 8th at the Anderson Center's Osterhout concert theater.

This special screening will be before the film's national release on February 13th.
Following the screening Hugh Grant and Marc Lawrence will take part in a panel discussion. BU President Harvey Stenger says that an experience like this is great for the campus community.

Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger said, "I mean to have a movie starring famous actors set at your campus and the story-line goes, bad professor becomes a good professor because the students are so motivated and intelligent. You can't beat that, this isn't Animal House."

Tickets are available for the general public on February 3rd.