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City of Binghamton Unveils Mobile App

Binghamton residents will now be able to connect to city officials on the go.

On Thursday Mayor Rich David unveiled the official City of Binghamton mobile app for free download on IOS and Android operating systems.

Mayor David says that the app will allow residents to submit and track service requests right on their smart phones.These include graffiti removal, pothole repairs, snow plowing, street light repairs, and traffic issues. The app use GPS technology and will pinpoint the exact location of a request and residents can include a photo and description of the issue.

"Now that we have the requests if we don't respond to them it really is the fault of the city and I would say that this is an easy way for residents to partner with us. And for all of us to work together to address the issues that exist in the neighborhood and across the city," said Mayor Rich David.

City staff will say they will redirect and respond to these requests. Push notifications of important news and updates will be sent to mobile users.