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Perovic's surgery successful

Despite not having played in a game since the conference opener on January 2, Dusan Perovic remains the Bearcats top scorer this year. He's out for the year after tearing his ACL in practice on January 5, but there's light on the horizon.

Perovic underwent successful surgery Thursday to repair the ligament and while he will miss the remainder of the season, Tommy Dempsey expects him back in time for next year's opener.

"Not having a chance to talk to the doctors since the surgery, but my experience with ACLs is 6-7 months," Dempsey said. "Six months would take us to July, maybe August. But we fully expect him to be back by the end of the summer and ready to go for fall workouts and ready to play next season. I mean, unless there's a setback. It's too early to tell, but that's the timeline we have in mind."

In other injury news, Dempsey expects Nick Madray back in time for next weekend's matchup against UMass Lowell.

The Bearcats host Stony Brook at 2:00 on Sunday.