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BOCES Criminal Justice Students Get Hands on CSI Experience

Criminal justice students at Broome-Tioga BOCES are learning to solve crimes -- using their math and science skills.

Dozens of students, who are aiming for careers in law enforcement, got hands-on experience with forensics anthropology. The class taught them how to handle and analyze human remains.

By studying models of human bones, students were supposed to determine the height, race and sex of the victim.

One student, who hopes to become state trooper -- says she's grateful for the hands-on experience she's getting at BOCES.

"It helps because you're actually going out there and doing it, instead of just learning," Anastasia Regaobuto, a BOCES criminal justice student, said.
"A lot of BOCES students are hands-on workers, and this definitely brings it across better."

The BOCES criminal justice program is open to juniors and seniors. While many of the students aspire to become either patrol or corrections officers, instructors say some are hoping to one day work in a forensic unit.