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Health Officials: Get the Shot Before the Flu Strikes

By Kerry Longobucco.
Have you gotten your flu shot yet? Officials from the Broome County Health Department say if not, you should get moving.

Walk-ins were welcomed at the Health Department's flu-shot clinics Thursday.

Susan Blythe, a registered nurse at the health department, recommends anyone over the age of six months get vaccinated -- especially young children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

But officials say many people make a big mistake by skipping the shot -- thinking it will actually cause them to become sick.

"It's scientifically impossible to get the flu from the flu shot. They're killed viruses in the vaccine, and it's scientifically impossible," Blythe said. "People are still fearful of that. It's a myth that we still have to try to quelch."

It takes two weeks for the vaccination to take affect.

The Health Department suggests you visit your doctor to get the shot -- but, the vaccines are also available at most pharmacies.