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New Mobile App Helps Binghamton Locals Save Money

By Emily Girsch.
If you're looking to save money in the area, there's a new app for you. It's called Loop.

Loop was developed by local entrepreneurs in Binghamton with one goal in mind: to save you money at locally owned businesses and give you discounts on merchants in the network.

The app creators say membership is free.

How it works is when you sign up, you can earn 20-50 percent of what you spend at local merchants and then spend that "loop cash" at other merchants in the network.

"We have such a wide range of businesses varying from restaurants, bakeries, carpet stores to hair cutteries," said Michael Rathburn, Director of Business Development at Loop.

"So the idea is really to create a comprehensive network where not only is it luxury items but everyday spending people are able to utilize the Loop."

To give back to the community, Loop developers also created a "Loop
Back" program. Local charities received $5 for each new Loop member who signed up for the program during its first week.

For more information on how you can join, go to looprewards.com or visit its Facebook page at facebook.com/theloopbinghamton.