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Nigel Saunders Found Guilty in Mygatt Street Murder

By Beth Rousseau.
A Broome County jury hands down its verdict in the murder trial of Nigel Saunders.

Jurors found Saunders guilty of second degree murder for his involvement in the death of Jordan Dordell and the brutal beating of Dordell's pregnant fiance in November 2013.

Co-defendant Julian Talamantez pleaded guilty to the crime in August of last year.

Saunders remained stoic upon hearing jurors announce the guilty verdict after less than three hours of deliberation.

During the case Defense Attorney Steven Cornwell argued that none of the evidence links Saunders to the incident on Mygatt Street.

Meanwhile District Attorney Gerald Mollen says that testimony from Dordell's fiancé, who identified saunders during the attack, leaves no doubt that he was one of the two assailants.

Mollen says, "The second man involved in carrying out... unquestionably one of the most horrific crimes we've seen in Broome County... both men have been brought to justice so you're always just relieved. you have to believe in the process it's a long process, it's a difficult process but we think justice was done."

Cornwell declined to comment until the sentencing while family members of Jordan Dordell left to visit Jordan's grave.

The jury found Saunders guilty on all counts that he was indicted on including: two counts of second degree murder, assault in the second, burglary and robbery in the first.

Saunders is scheduled to be sentenced on March 27th when he will face 40 years to life in prison.