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Facebook Collaborates with NYS to Deliver Amber Alerts

New York State and Facebook are teaming up to better deliver amber alerts to help find missing children.

Facebook's new distribution system will send amber alerts to people's news feed if they are in the targeted search area after a child has been abducted. The alert will include important details about the child such as a photo, description, location of the abduction, and any other available information. People will also have a direct link they can share.

"This initiative is a game-changer for law enforcement and the community as a whole. The strength and power of social media as we have said time and time again from a law enforcement perspective has grown leaps and bounds," said Captain Frederick Akshar of the Broome County Sheriff's Office.

According to the State Attorney General's Office 728 children have been saved by amber alerts so far and 180 such alerts are sent out each year.