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Red Cross Offers Tips to Business Owners on Surviving Disaster

According to the local Red Cross, New York State is the fourth most likely to face disasters. So running a business and having a plan is essential.
Nick Ponterio, a disaster preparation associate was at the Binghamton Rotary Club meeting on Tuesday to speak on how businesses can be better prepared.

Ponterio says that having a continuity of operations plan insures that businesses can continue to operate even faced with a catastrophe. Ponterio uses an example of a food pantry that has deliveries come in twice a week.

Nick Ponterio Disaster Prep. Associate said, "Lets say their normal transportation routes were compromised due to flood water or damage to infrastructure, they would have and do have a continuity of operations plan in place so they can make sure those deliveries still occur."

Ponterio says that 40% of businesses fail because they don't have a plan, because they are not able to recover.