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Local Woman Celebrates 105th Birthday

105 years old and still going strong - that's the story of a former Broome County school nurse who celebrated that major milestone birthday yesterday.

Deetta Lalley is a current resident at St. Louise Manor at the Elizabeth Church campus. On Tuesday morning she celebrated her 105th birthday with friends and staff members. She also has a big family with 5 children, 15 grandchildren and 38 great grandchildren. She has also lived through 18 presidents. She says her secret to longevity is her wonderful family.

"I remember when I was about fifty or approaching fifty, I thought, if I live to be fifty, i'll be doing well. Here I am double that and talking to all of you nice people," said Deetta Lalley who turned 105 on Sunday.

Lalley is still active to this day. During the summer she travels to her family's cottage in Utica.