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Pizza Delivery Driver Assaulted, Struck in Head

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According to a nearby resident, an elderly Papa John's pizza delivery driver was assaulted in a residential area on Matis Street late Monday afternoon.

According to some reports, the man was struck on the head with an object.

Mark Hackling lives at 8 Matis Street and looked outside when he heard police officers arriving. He says he saw the victim holding a blanket on his head and pacing back and forth.

The man was taken by Superior Ambulance for medical attention. He left a pool of blood behind on the pavement.

Fox 40 could not confirm additional details with Binghamton police, but Hackling says that violence in his backyard is too close to home.

"There's too much crime in this city and nothing is being done about it"

"There's too much crime in this city and nothing's being done about it," he said.

 "Id like to see police presence up here and not just once in a while or when they're called."

Hackling said he was compelled to place a barrier with 'Keep Out' signs on his property after he witnessed too many drug deal interactions and heard too much noise.

He also said he's complained to Binghamton Police about these problems, but they have advised him to move