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WICZ Staff Directory

If you would like to contact us you can do so in several different ways: 1) If you know who you are trying to reach, you can email them by using the link below 2) You can call them at 607-770-4040 using the extension listed below or 3) For general inquiries, please contact us using this form and we will direct it to the proper person.

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Suh Neubauer News Director email x333
Frank McCaffrey (bio) Anchor email
Faith Jessie (bio) Anchor/Reporter
Kerry Longobucco (bio) Anchor/Reporter
Molly Darrow (bio) Reporter
Emily Girsch (bio) Reporter
Brianna Case (bio) Reporter
Jeremy Donovan (bio) Sports Director email
Mick Dwyer (bio) Weatherman email x308
Steven Perlin Assignment Editor email x331
Lindsay Raychel (bio) Weekend Meteorologist/Reporter email
Benjamin Stone Weekday Editor email
Mike Streeter Production Assistant
Jason Weinstein Executive Producer/Anchor email x332
Alex Howard Reporter


Wayne Gordon General & National Sales Manager email x317
Mary Ann Harkness Regional Sales Manager email x314
Jeff Horn Digital Director email x320
Alli Dewey Account Executive email x330
Frank Giustiniani Account Executive email x336
Jerry McCabe Account Executive email x323
Tony Palmieri Account Executive email x319
Savanah Wiggins Sales Assistant email x310


Vernon Rowlands Program Director email x316


Darren Nauerz Production Technician email x303
Rob Melnyk Production Technician email x327


Mike Melnyk Chief Engineer email x318


Ed Bulat Switcher email
J.D. Shepley Switcher
John Ziller Switcher email
Mike Micha Switcher
Dave Weeks Switcher email


Katie Savelli Traffic email x325
Keith Krech Traffic email x324

G & A

John Leet General Manager email x315
Rosemary Gaeta Business Manager email x313
Savanah Wiggins Receptionist/Sales Assistant email x310