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FOX 40 On Your Mobile Device

iPhone, Android & iPad

Your favorite source for local news is available as a smartphone app on Android and Apple devices to bring you the latest news, weather and sports information from the Binghamton area.

Download the app from the iTunes App Store or Android Google Play store by searching "WICZ."

  • Local, state, national and international news
  • Political news
  • High School, College and Pro Sports
  • Entertainment and community news
  • On Demand Video
  • 7-day and hourly weather forecast, current conditions, radar and more.
  • Live video from FOX 40

On your mobile browser

Accessing wicz.com on your mobile device is easier than ever! Just visit wicz.com from the browser on your mobile device.

Think of it like filling a glass with water: The website automatically detects what kind of device you're using and modifies the website to fit the width of your device!