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Casino Bidders Hopeful with Thinning Competition

With a thinning field of competitors,  there are two venues left vying for a license from the state to operate a Casino in the Southern Tier:
Both Tioga Downs in Nichols and Traditions at the Glen in Johnson City have paid a one million dollar application fee to the state, with Vista Hospitality Group backing out of the race, both venues feel an increased chance to  win  the bid and license.

Bill Walsh (traditions team): "We have a pretty unique setting up here. 500 acres in the middle of a town with all the amenities that you would need to make a casino successful here. we have the hotel, spa, and golf course. It's all on site here."

Jeff Gural (Tioga Downs Chairman): "I think we have an excellent chance just because there are now two competitors assuming there is no surprise tomorrow,  which I don't think there will be but I think the project enthusiasts are not in the Southern Tier and all their customers would come from existing casinos in the Northern Tier ."
The acutal gaming license itself could cost up to 35 million dollars in the Southern Tier.


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