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Family Happy To See Water Buffalo Stay In Place

A family in Franklin Forks, Pennsylvania says it is breathing a sigh of relief.

Tammy Manning was notified on Friday that WPX Energy would not carry out plans to remove her water buffalo supply system.  Two years ago the well water on her property was found to be  contaminated and she began using water buffaloes.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection determined at that contamination was not caused by nearby fracking. Manning and some of her advocates say the DEP will reopen the investigation, but a spokesperson for the DEP said Monday that is not the case.

Both the Manning family and WPX are eager to come to a  permanent solution.

"We're hopeful that we will get water deliveries reinstated here from the gas company. And I'm hoping that it shines some light on a lot of dark agencies and dark companies out there that have been mistreating people," said Tammy Manning, a homeowner in Franklin Forks, PA.

"If it wasn't for the activists who are  trying to exploit the families and exploit the situation for their political gains we would have been able to help these families come to a resolution on their water supply,"said Susan Oliver, Manager for Community Relations at WPX.

Although the water buffaloes themselves will stay in place, Manning will continue to have water delivered to her house to fill them.


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