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50 Years Later: Is Collective Memory of JFK Assassination Fading?

For those who are old enough to remember where they were when they heard the horrific news that the President of the United States has been  assassinated, the  memories remain fresh:
Now, so many years later, many still doubt the official conclusion of the Warren Commission:  --that the president was murdered in Dealy Plaza in Dallas--50 years ago this week,  by a lone gunman,  Lee Harvey Oswald.

But is the passage of time eroding the collective  memory of that event?
--are the newer generations less informed--asking fewer questions, and holding less doubt about a political assassination that affects America to this day?

We want to the campus of Binghamton University to find out:

Who killed Kennedy?
uh, i don't know.
what about the Warran Commission?
uh, what was the Warren Commission?
The Warren Commission was the panel assembled by President Johnson in the wake of the assassination, to determine what happened in the Dallas motorcade, and who was responsible.

In 1964, it concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald, portrayed as a political malcontent with a failed life, was the gunman who fired three shots at the President--including a fatal head shot.

Although a second commission-- the House Select Committee on Assassinations-- would take up its own investigation a dozen years later--and conclude that Kennedy was probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy--and that there was a high probability that at least two gunmen had fired at the President.  --the conclusions of the committee were largely discredited by political critics and  and then dismissed and ignored by major media. 

Today, few people are even aware that there was a second commission, or are aware of its findings.

But why was Kennedy killed?  On the B.U. campus, part of the answer might be illustrated by an old fallout shelter sign, still attached to a building  erected in the late 50's.  It reflects fears of nuclear annihilation,  and America's ability to defend itself against communism--fears which were at fever pitch when kennedy became president in  1960.

Although theories of why it happened abound-- famed forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht of Pittsburg says what is not in dispute is the scientific impossibility of the Warren Commission's reconstruction of the gunfire that killed Kennedy-- gunfire that he says would have required a magic bullet:
"....magic bullet........whose is that?"

In terms of whose is it, the--magic bullet theory is a designation often used by Cyril Wecht. 

Wecht has been a consistent debunk-er of  the Warren Commission, and tomorrow, on Friday, on Fox 40 News at Ten,  you'll hear him explain why the bullet would have to be a magic one, to fit the Warren Commission's conclusions.


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