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Church Holds Re-Dedication Ceremony After Rennovations

Saint Joseph's Church in Endicott held a re dedication ceremony, Sunday after a year of renovations.

Leaders of the church as well as Bishop Cunningham of the Syracuse Diocese,  rededicated the grounds of the church with a ceremony for the community. Members of the church say the importance of this event is to bring people together with faith.

"Since Bishop talked about how this year is the year of faith for the Catholic Church, it's kind of a way to revitalize what we try to spread here at St. Joseph's Church," said E.J Porcari, Member of St. Joseph's Church.

"These are the things we have here, built or built by the people who started all this. And when we take time to be out here and pray, it brings us closer to God, deepens our own faith, our own relationship with one another, and it also brings us back into the lives of the people who started this community," said Father Charles, Pastor of St. Joseph's Church.

Nearly $25,000 raised after three years of work for the renovations.


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