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Lupardo Wants Transparency in Fracking Health Study

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo is calling for more transparency in New York State's Health Impact Anaylsis of shale fracking.

She wants a comprehensive public health impact study to be undertaken openly, so the public, and groups on both sides of the fracking debate will know what data is being examined, and what testimony is being heard.

"The current health review is being done without any public imput whatsoever, and it's causing a lot of frustration, again, because people don't know what they're studying, or how long it's going to take. So, I'm simply saying please let us know what you're studying, and I'd like it if you'd look at urban impacts because my district is largely urban," said Lupardo.

Lupardo says a call for a Public Health Impact Study is not an attempt to hold up the state's decision on whether to allow fracking.

She says if the process were more transparent to begin with, the decision might have been made by now.


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