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Kids Stargaze on a Stormy Day

Even though it was a cloudy, stormy Monday, elementary school students in Vestal were looking at the stars... in a portable planetarium that is.

Students at Glenwood Elementary took part in "Stories in the Stars".

They learned about different constellations as well as planets, gravity, and the solar system.

Students made a "skywheel", or a planisphere to study the movement of the sky and constellations.

"So the kids learned about the stories but they also learned about the stars. What kind of a start is it? Is it going to be a black hole? Is it going to explode? And they have lots of questions about the planets and we get to show them the stars," said Tish Bresee a Kopernik Educator.

This Saturday and Sunday nights, Glenwood Elementary students can travel to Kopernik Observatory for family night free of charge.  All they have to do is bring the skywheel that they made in class.


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