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AARP urges Hanna to vote against Social Security cuts

BINGHAMTON -- As Congressmen Richard Hanna (R - 22, NY) continues his work on Capitol Hill as part of the shutdown resolution, local AARP members were outside his office in Binghamton Tuesday.
While the congressman's office is closed due to the shutdown, the local AARP members have gathered 6,000 signatures on a petition to oppose the "Chained CPI" proposal that would reduce yearly cost-of-living adjustments in Social Security.  They say these cuts would affect the most vulnerable of seniors.

"Over the next ten years, should this CPI go into effect, Broome County seniors and veterans, it will cost them $107 million," said Erin Mitchell, Associate State Director, AARP, New York

"You're a Congressmen or a Senator, look at what you have, look at all your perks.  If they didn't have those, if they had to live like the rest of us, maybe something would get done in Washington.  Maybe they'd have a little more compassion," said Joan Walker of Chenango Forks.

A study from the AARP Public Policy Institute says that Social Security benefits help keep 22 million people out of poverty.  In New York State 2.4 million people receive Social Security benefits.


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