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Endicott Mayor, Trustee Differ on End of Police Consolidation Talks

WIth merger talks between the Village of Endicott and the Broome County Sheriff's Office over the village's police force off, the question becomes now what?
The village board voted Tuesday night to end the talks.

The Endicott Police union contract ends next June.

Those who opposed the idea of a merger say negotiations should have been going on since last year, and questioned how much savings would be enjoyed through a merger.

Those who wanted to continue discussions say a merger brought the possibility of savings and more coverage.

"If  you don't see a significant dollar savings up front, why are you continuing to do the talk, unless you are using it as a negotiating tool, and it's a poor negotiating tool if that's what you're doing," said Endicott trustee Joe Nirchi.

"For some reason, Joe Nirchi just went out and said, 'let's stop this.' and coincidentally at the same time they want to start negotiating a contract. It's like, 'why would you stop now?'" said Endicott mayor John Bertoni.
Broome County Sheriff David Harder said his proposal would have saved village residents three percent on their property taxes.


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