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BU Neuroscientist Focused on Changing Treatment of Dyslexia

9-year-old Zac Smith is spending part of his summer getting paid to learn about his brain.

Binghamton University neuroscientist Sarah Laszlo's study aims to find better ways to treat dyslexia.

"They come in.  We have them read to themselves while we monitor there brain waves.  We test them on things like vocabulary, how much they read outside of school, their vision.  All of the sorts of things that matter when they learn to read," said Laszlo.

Laszlo received a grant of more than $400,000 to conduct a five year study on 150 children in grades kindergarten through fourth with and without dyslexia.

Students wear a cap with 10 special sensors that monitor the signals between brain cells while they play reading games.

"You'll see studies, so many kids are considered dyslexic or non-dyslexic and that's sort of a misnomer because every kid is dyslexic in a different way and so our study is looking at all those individuals differences," said Laszlo.

This is the largest study of its kind.  Laszlo hopes the findings will help doctors distinguish different degrees and types of the disorder

The students information will be kept anonymous but the findings will be available for neuroscientists to research and analyze.

"Let other people look into it.  If they have some idea or put some new thing that we didn't think of.  Take a look at the data, find something cool," said Laszlo. 

Participants will be paid $50 or an equivalent gift. To sign up for the study, email readingbrain@binghamton.edu.

***Ali Warner, Fox 40 HD News***


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