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The Inside Scoop on Inside Scoop

It's the only one in Upstate New York, the Effe 6. Its task, churning out fresh gelato and sorbet daily.

"We also went to South Carolina to work with a chef down there to learn how to perfect it on this machine," said Joe Underwood, owner of Inside Scoop. "It was just a passion for making ice cream at home that I guess lead to this."

Joe Underwood  decided to invest in equipment to make a profit out of a 35 year old hobby.

With the help of his wife, the two have opened up Inside Scoop at Chucksters in Vestal.

"If you come to Inside Scoop, you're standing in the production room with me and you can see the plate glass windows behind me.  We designed this room so that visitors can come up, get very, very close to the production equipment and see what's going on here," said Underwood.

Along with the heavy-duty machinery, Underwood is bringing in local products to create the ice cold treats.

"You've got local dairy, milk and cream that we start with.  We don't start with a prepackaged mix," said Underwood.

Right now those treats are gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt.  Underwood says he hasn't decided if he will add ice cream to the menu. He says gelato is more flavorful.

"It's a little bit denser. It is a little bit lower in butterfat, but that actually allows the flavors to pop better in your mouth," said Underwood. "Butterfat blocks taste buds.  People don't realize that's probably the reason they like gelato so much."

With no place for storage, Underwood says the business operates on "just in time manufacturing."  The crew makes new batches throughout the day as each scoop is served.

Underwood hopes to expand the business in the years to come and eventually see his products in the grocery store freezer aisle.

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