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Binghamton University To Have New Funds For Technology VIEW VIDEO
Binghamton University has been selected to receive $20 million  in federal funding to develop cutting-edge electronics. Senator Chuck Schumer has announced that the money will help the... more

Wendy's Works To Help Local Causes VIEW VIDEO
A local charity helps a number of causes  throughout the Southern Tier. The 7th Annual Wendy's Walk for Kids starts at En-Joie Golf Course this Sunday, August 30th.   This year the charity... more

Update On the Vestal Home Invasion VIEW VIDEO
Vestal Police are asking for your help in finding the suspects of a home break in on Drexel Drive that occurred around one p.m. Thursday.     According to police, at this time three men broke... more

Frank McCaffrey Tells His Katrina Story VIEW VIDEO
On the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Fox 40 Managing Editor Frank McCaffrey shares an amazing... more

Details on Family Fun Friday VIEW VIDEO
One last hoorah for local kids before they go back to school. Today was Family Fun Friday at Horizons Federal Credit Union in Binghamton.     Kids throughout the area were provided with free... more

Nigel Smith Trial Hits Tail End VIEW VIDEO
The lengthy murder trial of Nigel Smith winds down, both sides gave their final arguments today in Broome County Courthouse. Call records are easy to access today, and they are being used by law... more

Libous Asks For Conviction to be Thrown Out VIEW VIDEO
The Fox 40 news team has received legal documents confirming  that convicted former State Senator Tom Libous is asking for his conviction to be tossed! In a court filing, Libous outlined several... more

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