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Impact Project Repairs Local Woman's Home

This is Mary Pratt. She's lived in her house on Oakdale Road in Johnson City for 30 years.
"She's finally getting something her way, and it just means the world," said Jay Romano, Mary's son.

And this is Mary's house. The people of the Impact Project are putting in a new electrical system, new plumbing, and totally revamping her one bathroom for her.

"We're replacing the bathtub and the pipes, the lighting and the wiring. It's 72 years old, so it's well overdue," said Luke Parga, a volunteer.

The already aging house was damaged even more during the flood in 2011, and Mary tried to keep up with the repairs.
"I did whatever I could in the bathroom. I painted. But it really needed some heavy work," said Pratt. 

The Impact Project is a non-profit organization that began 9 years ago. Mary's is the 60th house the group has worked on. Founder and director Jim Willard remembers the day he saw Mary's application.

"It's a case where you look at it and go, 'That person really needs help'," said Willard.

"It's going to take a lot of stress off of me. And I'm just grateful, very grateful," said Pratt.

"The fact that it gives me a little ease of mind, because I worry about her all the time," said Romano.

Volunteers will be working on Mary's house for the rest of this week.

"We just pull it together. However it's got to be done," said Willard.
"They're wonderful people," said Pratt.
"Words can't describe how appreciative I am," said Romano.

The Impact Project runs solely off donations and discounted items from local businesses. If you'd like to make a contribution you can go to their website.

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