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Police: Phony Robbery with Real Consequences

If you're going to stage a robbery with your friend, be careful what might be seen on the store's surveillance camera.

State Police say 25-year old Kenneth Groover, of New Milford, was working the midnight shift as a cashier at the Gibson Sunono, and told police a man with a hood, a mask, and black gloves walked in and told him to fill a pillow case with money. 

Groover did, and the robber exited the store.

But, upon reviewing the surveillance tape, police say they noticed that Groover nodded and made a hand gesture to someone outside the store, just seconds before the robber entered.

The robber, according to police, turned out to be Groover's friend, 21-year old David Calla, of Hallstead.

Both were arrested and sent to Susquehanna County Jail.

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