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50 Years Later: Forensic Pathologist Tells Fox 40 JFK Shooting was Conspiracy

For the past half century, theories have abounded about what really happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963, when the President of the United States was murdered.

The Warren Commission says there was one  assassin, and it was Lee Harvey Oswald.

But many are far from sure about that.
Some theories have bordered on the absurd, others have seemed plausible.
But Forensic Pathologist Cyril Wecht says there is one indisputable way to prove that the Warren Commission was wrong.

And that is to analyze the path of one of the the  bullets that hit the President-- -a missile which he calls, a "magic" bullet:

Wecht: "you've got the trajectory, the condition of the bullet, and the weight, and they just  don't make sense, and they haven't been these past 50 years."

Forensic Patholigist Cyril Wecht talked with Fox 40 via Skype recently-- still insisting that the Warren Commission fudged the anaylisis of the three rife shots that were fired at the President.

In simplist  terms, Wecht says one of the  bullets that the Warren Commission claims hit both President Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connelly  would have to have been a magic bullet,  to hit President Kennedy in the back, exit his neck then hit Connelly in the chest, pierce his wrist, and embed itself in Connely's thigh. 

Some re-enactments show that Kennedy and Connelly were  more in alinement than conspiracy theorists claim--so that the bullet did not have to follow any  magic trajectory to do the damage it did. 

Wecht questions those reenactments-- and also points to lack of distortion of the bullet-- even though it struck Connelly's dense wrist bone.

Since Oswald would not have had time to fire four shots within those few seconds, Wecht says the Warren Commission had to come up with a magic bullet--or otherwise admit that there had to be at least two shooters, and hence--a conspiracy.

Wecht also points to the fatal head shot--which he says clearly shows the President's head thrust backward, by a shot that came from the front and side, rather than from the rear, in the Texas School Book Despository, where Oswald was.

--so, what really happened, and who  orchestrated the events?
Wecht:  "...this was a government agency that got away with this, and this has to be exposed.  it was the CIA definitely, if not the people who were actively involved, people who were around then, people like Allen Dullus who had been fired by John Kennedy as head of the CIA who incredibley and paradoxically was then appointed to the Warren Commission, and in essence ran the commission."
But whether Wecht is right or wrong--after so many years, how much does the public still care about unanswered questions?

Here, (at the Broome County Library)  among stacks holding thousands of other books, is a section concerning the Kennedys and the assassination--
on the 50th anniversary, is there more  interest in those events in Dallas?
Keysor: (reference librarian) "...yeah, there's been a little bit of a surge because of the new books that are out.
Sparano:  but no big lines?
Keysor: no, no big lines."
Richard Finelli: (library patron)  "whether this guy actually shot him, or not, it seems as though he probably did.  He hates this country.  He lived in Russia.  He was a spy, he might have been a double spy working for us.  He might have just been a scapegoat."

Lela Parker: (library patron)  "I think it's important for our children to learn, however, I think it's time for us to let it go.

--Today, on this 50th anniversary of JFK's assassanation,  as many Americans attempt to move on, the question is whether future generations will continue to ask questions about an event that changed America.
Questions that some say are unnecessary, and which other say are vital for a functioning democracy.

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