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Health Care Reform and its Local Impact

Much has been made of the problems the federal health care website has endured since it's rollout, but it's a different story for New York State's health exchange.

That's the word from the head of Mothers and Babies Perinatal Network Sharon Chesna, an agency which has facilitators to help people sign up at the state exchange.

Chesna says the state site is running well, and once people have all the information they need to sign up, registering on the state exchange should be a smooth process.

"They could probably complete the entire process in one encounter with one of our navigators. If they have a number of individuals in the family and they have to understand and know what the health issues are with any of their family members, that might help drive what plan they want to select," said Chesna.

Chesna stressed that what people are signing up for now is insurance that will take effect on January 1st.

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