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American Indian Market Comes to Binghamton

A unique market came to town today and gave some locals a look into a different culture. The area's first American Indian market was held at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Binghamton.

Native American artists from  New York reservations and Ontario reserves came to sell their pottery, jewelry, woven baskets, and beadwork. The art included modern day pieces as well antique work.  People there were also able to try authentic Indian foods like buffalo chili. It was a special chance for the Native Americans to show off their

"I've done this now for 50 years and it's, I make a living at it. It's nice--I don't think I could work for anyone after all this," said Peter Jones, a potter.

There was no admission fee but donations were accepted to benefit Trees, Water and People, an organization that works on reservations to teach people to conserve energy.

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