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Local Church Addresses Casino Gambling Controversy

Election season is just around the corner, and voters are starting to decide who they should vote for and what issues they should support. One of those issues on New York's Ballot this year is a vote to legalize seven casinos throughout the state.

Berean Bible Church in Greene took the opportunity at today's services to talk about gambling. The sermon mentioned the risk involved in gambling and related it to scripture. The main point speakers hoped to get across was  that the Christian community doesn't think money is bad, but that greed is immoral.

Many who are for the expansion argue that it would boost the economy, but Pastor Justin Bleuer says it would cause more problems for the community.

"We understand why our leaders are pushing for a quick fix. but this will not be a quick fix. Casinos and gambling are a, they're a nuclear disaster for a community. And crime and bankruptcy, divorce, suicide; they all increase in gambling communities. So we're just trying to sound the warning here, there's got to be a better way to do this," said Pastor Justin Bleuer, of Berean Bible Church.

The sermon concluded with urging the congregation to look up the facts and learn more about the issue.  Voters will have their say on Election Day, November 5th.

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