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Students Work to Prevent Bullying

BINGHAMTON -- Bullying prevention week at the BOCES East Learning Center in Binghamton continued with a hands on activity Tuesday.
Students were able to cut out balloons and other shapes to decorate any way they choose.  The finished product had their name and a message about bullying. On Monday, the school made a "Sea of Blue," students wore anti-bullying t-shirts and signed an anti bullying pledge, to stop the problem before it starts.

"Especially with cyber bullying, Facebook, text messaging, it's just continuous and it's really escalated the amount of bullying and harassment we're seeing in schools," said Jim Lucenti, Principal, East Learning Center

"Some people are bullied so far where they kill themselves and that's never good.  So, if you get them now you might just save 10 people's lives, 20 people's lives," said Austin Locke, a senior at the East Learning Center.

The balloons will be displayed throughout the school to help further the message.  The program continues throughout the week, and ends with a visit by the program mascot, Luke, a golden retriever therapy dog.

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