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100th House Rebuilt after Flood of 2011

Flood survivors and volunteers who helped rebuild houses affected by the flood of 2011 gathered together today to celebrate a milestone. Repairs have recently been finished on the 100th house that was damaged by inches of water from river overflow. Faith Partners in Recovery teamed up with the local Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild.

"The volunteers have been working hard. They've been coming week after week after week. Mostly from out of town. We've been very fortunate and God has blessed us with the opportunity to serve people that were affected by the flood and we're very happy to do it," said Bruce Barney, Faith Partners in Recovery's project manager.

The event took place in the parking lot of the Home Depot in Johnson City this afternoon. Following the flood in 2011, associates from the store helped anyone they could in the area. The store itself made monetary and merchandise donation to help ease the burden.

"Time and time again it's taking care of our people and taking care of our community are two of our core values and that's something we've done, certainly here, over and over again," said Jay Breslawski, assistant manager at Home Depot.
With the second anniversary of the flood right around the corner, residents of the southern tier are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. With only 25 houses left to rebuild, everyone is excited to finally be recovered from that terrible situation.

"When the people first came up onto my porch there was about 18 of them. And they just filled the porch and everybody's smiling and encouraging you. It was just unbelievable," said Betty Barber, a survivor of the flood.

After the remaining houses are recovered, Faith Partners in Recovery will have repaired about 125 homes. They hope to be finished in October.

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