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Johnson City Inventor Hopes to Go National

(Source: Jason Weinstein)

Success in business often takes vision. But for Christina Rex, her business came from a vision.

"The original idea came from a dream I had after I knocked some plants into the kitchen sink," said Rex.

Rex shared her idea for what has become the Living Ledge - a vertical garden container - with her husband and uncle who initially weren't impressed.

"They didn't think it would work. They thought it would fall off the window, the suction cup wouldn't hold that amount of weight," said Rex.

But those visions kept coming.

"So I put it away for a little while, about a year. But I kept having these dreams that I made one and that I was using it and that I was selling it. I got up one morning and called in sick to work and made my first one out of foam board and suction cups I got at Walmart," said Rex.

Since going into business two years ago Rex has sold hundreds of Living Ledges. "People would come to my house and say, 'Where did you get that?" I said, 'I made it.' They said, 'I want one,'" said Rex.

And business could soon take off. She's in two national contests. She's one of 16 finalists in the My Cool Inventions Radio contests. A win could mean a spot on QVC and the Home Shopping Network.

She's also part of Walmart's Get on the Shelf contest, where a win would mean selling her product on

"It's been a whirlwind. Every day is something new and something really exciting adn it makes me want to get up in the morning," said Rex.

For more information on how you can vote for Living Ledge you can go to

****In Johnson City, Jason Weinstein, FOX 40 HD News****

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