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Legislature Approves New Sewer Line

The County Legislature has approved an estimated $10 million project they say could bring a new industrial park to the area.

On Thursday, the legislature gave the go ahead to install a sewer line that will run along Airport Road connecting the airport to  Broome County Landfill and the Endicott Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Legislature Chair Jerry Marinich says the waste system needed to be replaced at the airport which would have cost around $7 million.  He says this plan eliminates the need for any septic system at the airport and the new sewer system will also allow  for a new industrial park to be built near the airport. 

$3.5 million in grant funds designated for an industrial park  will go towards the construction of the new sewer line.

"The beauty of this is there are existing Town of Union lines that run down Farm to Market Road so we're simply going to go down, tap into those and it will naturally flow to the plant from there," said Daniel Schofield, deputy commissioner.

The Broome County Landfill generates 15-20 million gallons of leachate, or liquid waste, each year. 2,500 trips are made by trucks to transport leachate to treatment plants.  This sewer line cut back on that $400,000 process.

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