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Helicopter Crash: Pilot Not Qualified for Instrument Flight Rules

--The weather called for instrument flight rules at the time of the crash, but the pilot was not rated for that:

That's part of the preliminary report on last month's helicopter crash in Noxen Pennsylvania which killed all five people aboard.

The National Transportation Safety Board released the findings Friday, while continuing to investigate what led up to the crash of the chopper, which departed from Endicott's Tri-cities Airport Saturday night on July 27th.

There is also no record of pilot David Jenny filing a flight plan before departing for Lehighton, PA.

After takeoff from Tri-Cities, Jenny requested visual flight rules for the journey.

The craft ran into the bad weather later in its flight. Those who perished including a three year old child, were from Maryland and Viriginia.

One of those aboard was a student pilot but it's not been determined who was operating the helicopter at the time.

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