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Cell Tower in Johnson City will find home on Reynolds Road

JOHNSON CITY -- A big issue in Johnson City has been a proposed cell phone tower, to be erected on Deyo Hill Road. Many residents didn't want it there.

To assess impact on the landscape, a balloon marker was raised on the site.

At the Village trustee meeting Tuesday night, it was announced that the company was withdrawing the proposal and had reached a lease agreement with Warehouse Carpet on Reynolds Road for placement of the cell tower there.

"The amount of money we get from the leases, it's revenue, I can't say it's not money into the Village, but it's not hundreds of thousands of dollars, it's a few thousand a month for these cell towers," said Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie.  "In retrospect, the people up there are happy, Warehouse Carpet is going to make a little bit of money on this, it worked out for everybody.

Mayor Deemie calls it a happy ending for both sides, although the town is losing out on the revenue.

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