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World Breast Feeding Week

It's World Breastfeeding Week. So, what do local mothers need to know?

Laura Walker, a lactation consultant with Lourdes, says the practice can benefit both mother and child.

She says that the babies will be less likely to have respiratory problems and gastrointestinal infections, less likely to become obese, develop certain cancers, and diabetes.

For mothers there is less of a risk for breast and ovarian cancer, more rapid weight loss after pregnancy, and an opportunity to develop a stronger bond with their child.

"So our milk is living fluid. It has enzymes, hormones, all the nutrition that the baby needs, plus all kinds of other components that help with brain and nervous system development, and those things formula does not have," said Laura Walker Lourdes Lactation Consultant.

Walker says one of the many myths of breast feeding is supposed to hurt. She says it shouldn't. If it does, consult a physician.

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