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Broome Developmental Center to Close?

The recent decision by the Office of Mental Health to close the Broome Developmental Center has many worried including State Senator Tom Libous.

Libous has started a petition to keep the center. He says he is making great progress and getting signatures even from people who do not have a connection to Broome Developmental.

Libous says keeping the center open is crucial to the county's economy.

"We need these facilities. Now, maybe they won't continue to function the way they do, maybe we do have to do somethings a little different," Libous said.  "But we're talking 1,000 jobs. We can't afford to lose and jobs and until they convince me that there will be jobs saved and how they will be saved, I'm not giving in to that."

Libous said another major concern is making sure people have accessible care especially those who could be dangerous in society.

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