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Local security issues addressed in wake of PA shooting

(Source: Jeremy Donovan)

The fatal shooting in Monroe County, Pennsylvania raises some questions regarding how security is being handled locally to prevent an incident like that happening here.

"You know, you can't plan for everything but it is always something that is in the back of our minds and something we continuously train for," said Adam Devoe, Assistant Director, Broome County Government Security Division.

In order to attend any event at the Broome County Office Building or Binghamton City Hall, everyone must go through a metal detector.  Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan says this step was taken years ago in response to a previous incident similar to Monday night's.

"When something like that happens, obviously people take a second look at it, we've taken that second look quite a while ago and we provide the security for our citizens," Ryan said.

Despite the cost, he says it was an easy decision.

"Everything costs money, but we made the investment to make sure people who come to our meetings are safe," Ryan said.

While public safety is the number one concern of all public officials, smaller municipalities, like Johnson City and Vestal that don't have metal detectors in their offices may need to reconsider security for meetings.

"Yea, it's something we need to discuss and look into because of the way things are in this day and age," said Greg Deemie, Mayor of Johnson City.

"We have done some preliminary discussions, I think it's time to look at it again, especially for our meetings," said John Schaffer, Vestal Town Supervisor.

Both Deemie and Schaffer feel their proximity to the police department is a plus, Schaeffer also has an officer at every meeting.

Our viewers on Facebook feel just as safe: Darcy Kasabian says "... I will never let someone's disability decide if my child can go to school, if my family can go to the movies, or if I want to get involved in my town meetings."

Michelle Lewis adds "Of course I will still go.  I'm not a coward, but the people who hurt others are cowards. we cannot let them win."

Ryan agrees, urging people to continue to come to meetings.

"If they want to come and participate which we encourage, we hope this won't deter them because we do have the security to protect them," Ryan said.

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