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Checking Feet for Skin Cancer

Skin cancer found on the foot is 50% fatal, a survival rate that is dramatically lower than when melanomas are found on other parts of the body.

This, doctors say, is because when melanomas are on the foot they often go unnoticed until a person is having a serious problem.

But skin cancer can occur on the soles of the feet, the tops, between the toes and under the nails. That's why podiatrists say routine foot checks are key.

"People who are able to see their feet and reach their feet should be looking at their feet on a daily basis. People who can not see the bottom of their feet perhaps could put a mirror on the floor and tilt their foot so they can see the bottom of their foot," said podiatrist Dr. Joseph Hogan.

Dr. Hogan says those who can't check their feet should most certainly see a podiatrist.

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